Friday, July 13, 2012


I have always thought the galaxy print was cool looking, regardless if it relates back to "hipsters" or not. And so I was given this badass of an awesome top from Choies. I really like the fact that it is chiffon (one of my favorite fabrics). So it's light and flowy!

On another note, my Zara heels came in yesterday! They're from the new collection. Ahhh. I actually got a pair without them being sold out! I looked on the site again today and guess what. They're almost sold out. Crazy.

Also! I went to the library again and picked up Thirteen Reasons Why. I'm excited to start reading!

(Okay, so they sent it in this HUGE unnecessary box with the actual shoe box just floating around. Haha.)
P.S. Choies is having a giveaway!
You can win any of the pictured shoes above (A-E) and a $100 coupon. There is just four requirements though:
1.) First, register in (quite fast and easy)
2.) Re-blog this Freebie on your blog or any page which would inform your fans or friends of and the giveaway
3.) Like their page if possible:
4.) Leave your email address and name on one of the pages and they will inform you in case you win.
This ends August 31th, 2012 and the winner will be annouced on September 6th, 2012. Shoe 'B' looks a lot like my new Zara heels!
  • Sleeveless galaxy print top: c/o Choies
  • Leather shorts: Thrift store (cut/sewn) - .99
  • Blue and gold belt: Thrift store - .25
  • Black basic sling back heels: Zara - $49.99

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Ileana said... [Reply]

Love the top!!! and the zara gif :D

Missa said... [Reply]

bright colors are so in!
- melissa

Khloé ♡ said... [Reply]

Wow i love this outfit !

Xoxo | Chloé

Katie Frank said... [Reply]

I love colours on your tshirt <3

Tanii said... [Reply]

Love your blouse, so cool! :)

Fancy Muffin said... [Reply]

Wowww, I love this top so much! The neon color really adds a nice touch to the cosmic/galaxy print :)

DaBi Vintage said... [Reply]

lovely shoes!kisses from Italy

samantha.tedesco said... [Reply]

enter me, please!!
Samantha Tedesco

I love your look!

Didenz Yu said... [Reply]

done with all the requirements! :)

Didenz Yu

Lulu said... [Reply]

All done)
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punkettina85 said... [Reply]

enter me, please!!
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