About Me

Hi hi! I am Sharena Chindavong, based in New York City, but is from the nice city of Nashville. Two completely different worlds. Growing up meant being in honky tonk central with southern accents, cowboy hats, where deer jump out to cross the road you're driving on, limited vegetarian restaurants and shopping options to living in the city that seriously does not sleep (unless there are blizzards) and has everything 3 steps away. 

I enjoy thrifting a lot. As you read my posts, you will find that about 85% of my closet has been from a thrift store, with some alterations of my own. Anyone can dress their best regardless of how much money you spend on an item. You will be surprised at what kind of stuff you can find at a thrift store.

So, you are probably wondering why do I call myself a fashion novice. This is because I always find myself learning or is interested in something new everyday. So I feel like a noob again when I find something new to obsess about, therefore I feel like a novice all over again.

I started this blog about my personal style, but as you read on, you will notice it is not only about fashion and style, but aspects of my life. Ever since moving to New York to model, modeling has taken a huge part of it and with this blog, I am able to show you my journey.

P.S. If you ever wanted to ask me a question but is too scared to email/comment/message me, check out my F.A.Q.! (: