Thursday, August 14, 2014

Baggy Trousers

I went towards a more casual look. Kind of tom-boyish if you ask me, with the baggy trousers, white loafers, and leather backpack. Total comfort!

P.S. I will be leaving for New York next week. Follow me on Instagram to see what I'm up to while I'm there!
  • Black crop top: c/o Yesfor
  • Tiny houndstooth print trousers: Thrift store
  • White loafers: Zara
  • Black leather backpack: Aldo

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Miley Effin' Cyrus

 You guys may not agree with me on this, but Miley Cyrus is a total bad ass. Although I may not like some of the (weird/odd) things that she does, I love her mentality on life. As in, I like how she doesn't care what people think of her and does her own thing. That is totally relatable to current life because the majority of people are too scared to do what they really want to do or dress how they would like to dress. Everyone seems to be a follower nowadays because it's as if stepping out of the box is a sin. Most people are too worried of what others may think of them. Where's the originality!?

Anyways, I tried my best to channel my inner Miley without looking...provocative. As you scroll down, I changed a little bit and even added a fake nose stud (that you can't even see). When it came to accessorizing, I noticed Miley loves gold accents (like in her music video 23). That or just quirky stuff (like her instagram). If you guys are looking for jewelry, check out Fresh Trends!

I basically got inspired by her outfit from the AMA's.
  • Cat crop top: Borrowed from my sister! (Urban Outfitters)
  • Blue/white striped shorts: c/o Motel Rocks
  • Black booties: Zara
  • White purse: Aldo

Monday, August 4, 2014

Florida Trip | Part VI

 **Warning: This post is an overload on pictures.**
Here is the final post of my vacation to Florida! From the first week in staying in a condo to the last few days staying with my grandparents. And to top it off, a short video! Please subscribe! ^_^