Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Black Spring

 Spring is basically here and that does not necessarily mean I will stop wearing black. Although, when it gets more closer to summer, I will definitely find myself wearing less black due to that fact that it is more hot wearing it. I am one to easily sweat so I figured wearing this mesh top was the way to go.

This particular day, it might have been a mistake wearing pants and black. Check out my vlog:

Also, my backpack obsession has never died out. Ever since I started modeling, I have a habit of not getting bags and backpacks if they do not fit my comp cards, iPad (portfolio), or heels. Thanks, hashtag modellife and last minute castings for that.

Black mesh top: c/o Light in the Box
Black/white pants: c/o Oasap
Black chunky shoes: Zara
Black woven backpack: c/o Light in the Box 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Opening Ceremony Lookbook

I hope I made a good enough comeback with the lookbook videos! I went to an Opening Ceremony sample sale in Brooklyn in March and decided to make looks from the items I got:    
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Off Duty

And here, you see me sporting the typical 'models off duty' look. If you are around models often or see them roaming around Soho, then you will definitely know what I mean. It usually consists of all black, a leather jacket, backpack, and Adidas trainers. I couldn't help it! I feel myself going towards the tomboy look every single day. I have been so inspired by NYFWM back 2 seasons ago and I cannot stop wearing pants and dressing slightly boyish ever since.
Grey turtle neck top: Thrifted
Black leather jacket: Zara
Black pants: Thrifted
Black backpack: Zara

Friday, March 25, 2016

Enamour Entirety

 I am so stoked to show you guys what I have been up to! As you guys can tell from my outfit posts, I keep my jewelry to a minimum, but with unique pieces. Lately, I have been super into chokers, so I have expanded out to necklaces!

Here is the relaunch of Enamour Entirety. Including new product pictures, domain, graphics, everything. Please head over to my new site and check out my pieces! It'll mean so much!

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Beauty Box 5

If you have not noticed, I tend to not use this thing called makeup too often and my collection is almost close to none. So this would only make sense to not even subscribe to these boxes, but in the case of a newbie, it actually does make sense! A great way to check out new products at a time without spending so much money would probably be Beauty Box 5. It is especially good for non-makeup users alike. aka me.

I uploaded a little video. Watch as I pretend to be a makeup/beauty guru for a few minutes!
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New York Fashion Week: Men's F/W 2016

 Here we are for the 2nd season of New York Fashion Week: Men's.  Round two for the fall/winter 2016 collections.  Of course, it had to rain (again), but I made do and complied all four of my looks together:
1st day of NYFW:M is always the chill day that consists of mostly presentations and so I dressed the part: casual.
Black/white button up: Thrift store
Navy/white skirt: c/o JollyChic 
Black shoes: Asos
Black clutch: Calvin Klein

Just a little peak of denim.
Black lace top: c/o MissGuided
Yellow midi skirt: Thrift store
Denim overcoat: Thrift store
Denim fray jeans: Levis
Black booties: Altuzzara

A huge peachy overcoat that pretty much acted as a fashionable blanket.
White dress: c/o Zaful
Peach overcoat: Alexandra Nam
White booties: Asos
Black clutch: Zimmermann

Simple outfit with a statement bomber.
Multicolor sequin bomber: Thrift store
Black embossed top: c/o DressIn

Photos by: Silas Vassar, III, Andrew Morales and BFA

Saturday, February 13, 2016

New York Fashion Week: Men's F/W 2016

Another great season of New York Fashion Week: Men's. It was a blast being able to attend the shows and meeting more creative and unique people!

I put up a whole entire video dedicated to NYFWM on my vlog channel. It's a little lengthy than most of my vlogs, but if you're interested to see what goes down during fashion week, you can take a peak through my video! Please thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't!

The collections presented by each designer were incredible. I am going to show you guys a few of my favorite looks, from clean and dapper to edgy and street:

Perry Ellis / Nick Graham / Robert Geller
Cadet / Duckie Brown / Gypsy Sport
Siki Im / General Idea / Concept Korea: DbyD
Photos from Fashion GPS / Deux Hommes / Vogue.com