Saturday, July 14, 2012


I have been obsessed with peplums for a while now, but never was able to get my hands on one until now! I went into Forever 21 looking for them and even took the initiative to ask just about every worker I ran into if they had any peplum tops. They all answered me with a, "Can you describe me what a peplum is?" (just so you know, I asked about 6 different workers). What. You guys work in a fashion retail store for crying out loud!
Anyway, I knew there were peplums at Zara, but they are far more expensive than the average top. And so I just gave up for a while on them, until I went to Vegas, where the largest H&M existed in the country and finally got me one! It was a major splurge for me, but as you can tell by previous posts, I don't really spend much on clothes.

Also, I visited Las Paletas, where they serve gourmet popsicles, in Nashville!

  • Pink peplum top: H&M - $49.99
  • White shorts: Guess
  • Black basic sling back heels: Zara

7 lovely comments:

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I think peplum tops are so adorable! But I don't think I'd spend anymore than $30 on one :(

Ana morales said... [Reply]

Lindo look

Khloé ♡ said... [Reply]

Yes peplum top ara adorable :)

Xoxo | Chloé

Katie Frank said... [Reply]

This outfit is very good.
I love this tshirt <3
+ Icecreams look delicious nomnonomnomnom

Précindy Colas said... [Reply]

Your top is amazing :)
Lovely blog :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i love that top! i have a black one just like it :) cute blog girl, keep it up

Ileana said... [Reply]

This is definitely one of my fave cute!
Love the peplum blouse and the necklace!