Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today was a planned simple day that quickly turned into a busy one! Such a productive day, though. ^_^ I made new jewelry today. One is up in my Etsy Shop!

(My sister. She usually takes most of my pictures ^_^)
 P.S. Did you guys notice my pictures are not in my backyard anymore!? Haha.
  • Light Blue polka dot collar shirt: Goodwill (Liz Claireborne +original tag!) - $4
  • DIY Scallop black shorts: Thrift store - .99
  • White woven belt: Thrift Store - .25
  • Gold metallic heels: eBay

5 lovely comments:

Anna said... [Reply]

I really noticed the change of the location in the last posts and I was about to say it. :D
The bycicle ring is soooo cute! <3

Alexandra Cañadas said... [Reply]

wow I love it! The color of the shirt is beautiful, and the ring is amazing, looks like a bicycle jiji


DC in STYLE said... [Reply]

Love this look! shorts are super cute!

Josie said... [Reply]

Love this outfit so much! You're very inspirational. As soon as I saw your photos/blog I totally went out to a thrift store and made shorts too, lol

But now I wanna try the scallop cut. However, I am not at that level yet.. I think!

Love that top, what a nice find!

fionnac said... [Reply]

Love your rings here! My favorite is the bike ring. Super cute!