Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Motel Rocks

Ahh, the past few days have been great and productive! I've made more items for my shop and is still in the process in making more!

If you're looking for a great online store. Definitely check out Motel Rocks. For me, I'll find a site, check out their stuff, and will like only a few items, but I just about like every single item at Motel. And I can be pretty picky with my clothes. I wore these shorts today and instead of getting the usual 'I like your outfit', it was 'I like your shorts'. -_- What about my shirt and shoes!? Haha. So I guess it goes to show how awesome these shorts are. I mean, c'mon. They're mint stripes!

 (Going to be on my Etsy soon!)
P.S. There's a 15% off code to the right of my blog. ^_^
  • Pale Pink Lace top: Ross - $7
  • Mint green stripe shorts: c/o Motel Rocks
  • Brown Belt: Thrift store - .25
  • White wedges:Charlotte Russe - $10.50
  • Leather turquoise slave bracelet: My Jewelry Shop!
  • Snake arm cuff: Flea Market - $6

4 lovely comments:

DC in STYLE said... [Reply]

Wow.... this outfit is sooo cute!! love the accessories!
Elena said... [Reply]

Eres impresionante,me encanta tu estilo.el short es precioso.


gicaelka said... [Reply]

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please follow back. still need your support.. :D
Thank you dearr

Brenda Bastidas said... [Reply]

Beautiful blog! I am a new fashion blogger, and I need your support, check out my blog please, there are only a few posts, but as any other new blogger I'm working on it, and with your help I may grow even more and faster! Thanks! (: And follow back please!