Thursday, May 10, 2012

Etsy Haul

As some of you may know, I own a tiny Etsy shop, Enamour Entirety. Making jewelry is just a little hobby I like to do. It can take your mind off of things. I came up with this name because well, I thought it sounded cool. :x Haha! I used my handy little thesaurus, (from the internet, of course) just to find a catchy name.

'Enamour' means to captivate. Usually pertaining to 'captivating love', but in this case it isn't, because 'entirety' means everything. So basically, 'To captivate everything'. How I would look at it is:

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it” -Confucius

2 lovely comments:

The White List said... [Reply]

Really cool post! Great blog! Your posts keep me coming back for more! Have a great day and a brilliant weekend ahead!

Josie said... [Reply]

Very cute stuff. I love the heart knuckle ring a lot!