Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another creation.

This semester is officially over and I already finished a pair of reconstructed shorts! They were originally pants. My sister and I thought they were p.j. bottoms or something, but then they had pockets, so that threw it off. Regardless, I love the color. Mint is the new black for spring! I used a shirt for the lace that I found at the thrift store for .99 and viola. Mint shorts with a hint of pastel pink lace.

Grabbed lunch/dinner at Fido (again), but this time saw a 'Youtube Celeb' (according to my sister and her friend). I have never heard of Olan Rogers until today. They kept discussing if it was actually him, and finally my sister turned around, asked him, and they took a picture with him. The whole day they were just freaking out. So I decided what's so cool about this guy and youtubed him. He's hilarious AND he's from Nashville.
(Stopped by Dragon Park!)
 (Eeep, New heels I got yesterday!)
(I don't think this is G rated for a kids park)
Ending the day with Pinkberry! ^_^

  • Black top: Thrift Store - .99
  • Mint shorts with pastel pink lace: My own design
  • Tan gold buckle woven belt: Guess
  • Gold metallic heels: eBay - $31.95 (fast free shipping!)
  • Gold choker necklace: Charming Charlie's - $1

5 lovely comments:

Kirsty said... [Reply]

great creation, they are so cute, mint is definitely in, seems to be trending all over the world

Anna said... [Reply]

Love the result! <3 And the touch of lace.
p.s.: The light lamps in the last photo are awesome!!
Kisses :*

jessica 18yrs said... [Reply]

where diid u get ur

Sharena C. said... [Reply]

@jessica 18yrs
eBay, there's a link in the blog post. ^_^

The Petite Way said... [Reply]

Lovely look, love the mint shorts!