Thursday, May 3, 2012

Since summer is around the corner, I think I'll be wearing skirts and dresses just about everyday! (maybe) Also, today was my last exam of the semester! That means I can finally work on making new jewelry for my Etsy and playing with my sewing machine. (and cleaning my room. Haha.) Ahh, I'm excited that school is finally over with. Just time to do what I've been wanting to do.

  • Blue sleeveless top: Thrift Store - .99
  • Pink with blue, yellow, and black skirt: Urban Outfitters- $10
  • Gold buckle black belt: Thrift store - .25
  • Pink Wedges: Simply Vera by Vera Wang
  • Gold triangle ear cuff: My own made jewelry!

5 lovely comments:

FancyMuffin said... [Reply]

Pretty colors! :D

Cathy said... [Reply]

Love those earrings! (:

Diane said... [Reply]

I love the skirt and the earring!!!!

Anna said... [Reply]

love the color combination!
Nice earrings! :D

Cátia - A Super Fashion Girl said... [Reply]

You look amazing! And you so beautiful!!!

I really like your style. new follower!

Kisses *CB*