Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fashion Week

For MTSU starts today. I find it odd that it starts on a Thursday. Maybe that's just the norm, I don't really know. The first event is like this art fashion gallery thing. It cuts into my class time, but I will try and stop by and show you guys glimpses of it!

On another note, I got asked to model for the show that my garments are in. I was super skeptical at first because well, I don't do modeling. I do clothes. (more like styling) But a few of the fashion show coordinators were doing that, 'C'mon, please, we want you to model!' And so here I go..
Oh! and pretty recently, people who I know/come in contact on campus found out I have a (Something I don't tell people) A friend actually spotted me on the home 'hot' page the other day. :x
(New wedges I bought last night! Simply Vera by Vera Wang ^_^)
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  • Black and tan hearts peter pan collar top: Ross - $8
  • Charcoal black/grey shorts - Thrift store (cut myself) - .99
  • Gold belt: Guess
  • Taupe heels: Steve Madden - $20 (What a steal right!?) 
  • Gold arrow arm cuff: My own jewelry design 

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Olivia said... [Reply]

I'm in love with all of your shorts <3