Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Week: Day Two

It was the ECOture show. Basically items that are reused from previous garments and such to make new ones! All the pieces were awesome. I was getting compliments on the outfit and saying 'thanks' as if it were mine. Ha! But of course, I told them it wasn't. ^_^ And to go along with the theme, walking barefoot down the runway + face paint!
Today's outfit; my reconstructed waterfall skirt!:

(I look short here ): )
 (These were all decorated along the runway! They're flowers made out of bottles!)
Here is the fashion art show from last night (they called it 'fart' show; if I didn't like fashion so much, it'll make me not want to go because no one knew what 'fart' was short for).It was interesting. Very different from traditional shows that's for sure. There were models covered in body paint, portraying as a piece of art on a wall. Then there were the models who acted as mannequins wearing pieces of abstract printed garments (lots of polka dots). 
(Piet Mondrian's "Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black"!)
(P.S. Sorry for the icky iPhone pictures! In the jist of only being home for 30 minutes to going to dress rehearsal to class to fitting and to other things, I didn't bring my DSLR.)

  • DIY gold spiked collar button up
  • Recontructed red waterfall skirt
  • Deena & Ozzy cutout booties: $10

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