Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I don't think I have seen so many moms pop up on my Instagram feed. Everyone was showing so much love! Although I appreciate my mom every single day, I suppose I can appreciate her more than usual today. I love the fact that I can take her clothes in her closet and she will get mad for two minutes, but will let me have it anyway. She even supports the fact that I do this weird thing called blogging. She's kinda cool, I guess. :P 

Also, speaking of Instagram, if you guys are looking for another awesome account to follow, follow Garage Clothing. They offer a lot of cute denims for the up coming summer time!

7 lovely comments:

M+K said... [Reply]

So cute!We agree that our mum is so supportive of us blogging and definitely does not mind we we borrow some of her clothes. We actually borrowed something of hers for our recent post! Is your mum wearing the sunnies you wore in your last post?!

kiingsnqueens said... [Reply]

Your mom is gorgeous, love the sunglasses!

Guy Overboard said... [Reply]

Lovely sunglasses!

Adina N. said... [Reply]

Lovely pictures!
Would you like to follow each others blogs? let me know! kisses

Debs said... [Reply]

Aw so sweet, I feel the exact same way about my mom. And she is very similar to your mom in the way she acts when I borrow some clothing or jewelry from her haha.

xx Debbie

Isa Machado said... [Reply]

You both look fantastic ;)

Bree said... [Reply]

Aww, what a lovely photos. Like both of your sunnglasses.