Monday, May 13, 2013


Leggings are big in 2013. With the leggings trend gaining momentum over the last year or two, women are asking: How should you wear leggings in your teens, 20s, 30s, or 40s? Can I wear leggings as pants, without a garment covering the buttocks? What sizes and shapes can wear leggings? Can larger women wear leggings, or should they stay away in favor of other options?
Leggings are currently a hot fashion item, but wearing them well can be tricky. Although opinions differ somewhat, the information here has been gathered from a wide variety of sources and fashion writers, and represents an overall view of the current thoughts about how leggings look their best.
Leggings are a skin-tight, stretchy garment for the legs, thicker than tights, fully opaque, and stop anywhere between the knees and the ankles.1 Some of the popular styles that have made a comeback in recent years, apart from plain leggings, include lace leggings, liquid leggings or wet-look leggings, printed leggings, and denim-look leggings or "leggings". Leggings can not only add warmth and comfort to an outfit, they can also allow you to wear items you may not have worn otherwise such as very short skirts.

Also, there is the important thing for you find something to match the leggings well. To look good in leggings, it's important to choose garments and shoes that work well with them, and to know that there are do's and don't to be aware of. You should also consider how they are best used by women of different shapes and age groups. Get the leggings pictured above, here!
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curly purplepig said... [Reply]

wow love all the accessories!

Samantha Mariko said... [Reply]

I always have that problem where I'm not sure if my buttocks should be covered or not.. but I end up trying to cover them haha.

Patricia ♥ said... [Reply]

Thanks so much for your comment! :D
Leggings have become a hot item right now in the fashion world, sadly I own none :( because I don't think they'll suit me...

Have a lovely day,

Joana Salgueiro said... [Reply]

Thanks for the comment.
I personally love leggings but not much use. Liked your blog, follow. :)

Irene said... [Reply]

They're 2 much for me, but I love the leggins, they're so comfy!