Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More jewelry!

Last week, I found that my jewelry was featured on Elle's website. Although it is in Dutch, (thanks to Google Chrome Translator) I was uber excited about it. I find it crazy how all these fantastic clothing companies and websites find little ol me. It is totally out of the ordinary coming from a college town in Tennessee. The fashion here is definitely not up to date as it would be in California or New York, but I do what I can do. Which, in three weeks I will be visiting Vegas! I'm excited to see how the people differ from the South. I'm sure loads different.
Anyway, I added more items to my shop! ^_^
(Yes, this is just like my gold one, except silver! I figured a lot more people were into silver than gold,.)
P.S. Is it weird to be obsessed with wearing your own jewelry!? If you guys have not noticed, I have been wearing my turquoise slave bracelet just about everyday. Haha.

Happy Wednesday guys!

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Jennifer Aranda said... [Reply]

I love them! gonna order some for sure!!!