Monday, June 25, 2012


Who else thinks corduroy pants/shorts are the most comfortable thing ever!? I remember hating them when I was younger because the only kind I knew (only kind I had, actually) were flared khakis. Back then, the only bottoms I enjoyed were jeans and nothing else (well besides these sea foam green suede pants from Limited Too (now, Justice)). Now, corduroys come in all colors and styles!

I actually got these at the thrift store, did some alterations of my own and viola. Shorts.

(Eep. Starfish ring came in today!)
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  • White chiffon top: Thrift store - .99
  • Pastel shell vest: from my aunt
  • Pink corduroy shorts: Thrift store (cut/sewn) (Old Navy) - .99
  • Teal suede strap heels: Mossimo (Target) - $8
  • Gold and turquoise slave bracelet: My own jewelry!
  • Gold starfish/armor ring: eBay

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Szpila. said... [Reply]

OMG I just love your style! It's adorable! <3

Candace Wu said... [Reply]

absolutely love this
you look amazing as usual
i have a pair myself and adore the feel of them!

i changed my blog name from mintblush to aphrodite blue :)
xx [ aphrodite blue ]

Ashleigh Nicole said... [Reply]

Cute vest! xo

Fashion By Tati B said... [Reply]

Your ring is a killer!!! Love it!!!!!!!

Martina said... [Reply]

new reader here! i really like your style..
hope u follow back?:)

Joy Shana said... [Reply]

cute outfit, nice blog, follow each other?

Closet Fashionista said... [Reply]

Those are so cute!!! And I love that armor ring! :D

Wendy said... [Reply]

WoW, amazing outfit, really like your style, follow you now! ;-)


Fancy Muffin said... [Reply]

I really like your vest! The color is pretty! :)

Daria said... [Reply]

great blog :)

please visit and follow me:

Miss Taty said... [Reply]

woooooow what a lovely blog you have. I don't think you should call yourself a novice anymore. More sense of style rediates in every one of your post. Keep it up.
I invite you tho check out my blog :
Regards from Tanzania

Ileana said... [Reply]

Love this outfit!!! Those shorts look sooo cute! And there is nothing better than stealing clothes from the family :D