Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dr. Martens

I have 2 pairs of Dr. Martens boots and I have always wanted the oxford kind. I have had my eye on these for quite a while now. What stopped me was the $110 pricing of them. I decided to browse eBay (as usual) and stumbled upon these babies!
I was so excited when they came in today. They are so similar to the real ones.
 (The dupes have 4 eyelets, but close enough!)
(These are the actual Dr. Martens)
Once again, Ebay never fails.
P.S. If you're wondering who the seller is. I got it from here.
Happy Monday, guys! ^_^

13 lovely comments:

NOMNOM said... [Reply]

I have been looking around for a perfect casual white laced shoes. I just might consider this. Thanks!

Riski Novianti said... [Reply]

those shoes are cool! I am looking for them lately :D

Elle Johns said... [Reply]

Oh WOW, Love the new Doc's!

xoxo, Elle


olistick said... [Reply]

wooooow! :)

Tanii said... [Reply]

wow, love your Docs! I have got two pairs as well, black and red ones :)

gicaelka said... [Reply]

Hey Dear.. love your fashion blog! Really wanna be a great blogger like you.. :))
Now i am following you via GCF and bloglovin .
I hope you follow back.. i still need your support :D


lucia m said... [Reply]

i love this!



mademoiselle tralalala said... [Reply]

Thank you for a comment:) Your boots are beautiful!

Marleen said... [Reply]

Wauw, great shoes! Really really love them, kind of dangerous color, but it's worth trying.



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Ice Pandora said... [Reply]

I want to own a
nice, sturdy pair
of Dr Martens as
well c:

These looks so
nice! I woudn't
wear them on a
rainy day tho :P


isa said... [Reply]

wow , great shoes! :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

love your shoes so much me want too :)

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said... [Reply]

hey sharena! thanks for stopping by my blog. LOVE yours!!! Girl, my best friend is eBay! You can really find some deals on there. Love your new purchase.