Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Remember my post about eBay stuff? This chiffon skirt was from eBay, and it was only $8! ^_^ This is probably a first outfit in a long while that none of the items were thrifted.

  • Crochet sleeveless top: Ross - $7
  • Pale blue cami: Ross - $2
  • Watermelon pink chiffon pleated skirt: eBay - $8
  • White wedges: Charlotte Russe - $10.50

7 lovely comments:

Olivia said... [Reply]

pretty cami accent :)

Maffstyle said... [Reply]

You are so beautiful :)

lepinkbow said... [Reply]

such a cute outfit!! in love with your style ! (:


fionnac said... [Reply]

I really like the light colors in this outfit. There's not a lot going on but it's still chic.

Glamur Loydi said... [Reply]

omg thanks u so much for this post ive been dyng to get that skirt but was so unsure of how it would actually look now im conviced I'm buying it thank u!!! :)

Naomi Cheuk said... [Reply]

Whats the link on ebay for the skirt you bought? :)

Naomi Cheuk said... [Reply]

whats the link to the skirt on ebay?