Thursday, May 31, 2012

Motel Rocks

Ahh. These shorts are so bad-A. I mean, c'mon, they have this awesome butterfly print on them! Not only are they cool lookin', but they're uber comfy because it's like this soft material that's not jean-like. Big thanks to Motel Rocks for making me look cool for once. Haha. So check them out!

P.S. There's a 15% off code to the side of my blog! ^_^
P.P.S. This is going to be on 100th look on! Yayy.
  • Black sleeveless top: Thrift store (Charlotte Russe) - .99
  • Tropical Butterfly shorts: c/o Motel Rocks
  • Teal blue chunky heels: Mossimo (Target) - $8
  • Gold and turquoise slave bracelet: My own jewelry!

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