Friday, April 13, 2012

I've been so busy with school, like papers, outlines, and studying, I haven't had much time to mess around with my new toy! (sewing machine) I might have time later today though! As for my outfit, I love these shorts, but there is a major problem: no pockets. That and I think I could do the splattered paint effect myself. Oh well.

(This was my last minute blazer decision this morning! I didn't expect it to be so cold, now it's warm!)
(I absolutely love my new rings. The skeleton hand came in yesterday and the skull came in while I was taking these pictures. Hah! I feel slightly more grunge when I wear it, even though I'm totes not.)
  • Light blue button up: Thrift store - .99
  • White splattered paint shorts: Urban Outfitters - $10
  • Gold buckle red belt - Thrift store - .25
  • Gold Waterfall necklace - made it myself!
  • Light pink blazer - from a friend's pile of unwanted clothes
  • Blush colored heels: Simply Vera by Vera Wang - $23
  • Rings - eBay

7 lovely comments:

Abby 亜美芸琉 said... [Reply]

Only found your blog today and when I say shocked I mean shocked like now I want to be you if that's okay lool. But honestly I love the way you dress and always want to actually put effort into my outfits because I'm into fashion but I never do because i go to a stupid college with a smart casual dress code *rolls eyes*
Anyway I adore you :)
Love all the way from the UK :) xoxoxo

Týna said... [Reply]

I absolutly love your style and you are so beautiful ! ♥

Sharena C. said... [Reply]

Awh, thanks guys! ^_^

Joelle said... [Reply]

This style is really popular where I live at the moment. It's a shame that we have to wear shorts in the rain though!! haha
Greetings from London :)

Alexandra Cañadas said... [Reply]

wouuuu I love your style :) and I follow u jiji

Please visit me :)

NRC♥ said... [Reply]

Your shorts look great


Ashley said... [Reply]

I love those shorts and your waterfall necklace! Great outfit, as per usual!