Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It has gotten ridiculously hot lately. It's the high of 80!
Yesterday, I went shopping around a little looking for tassel loafers. I really like the ones by Dolce Vita, but I'd have to order them online and I don't want to wait! Instead, I ended up buying heels. Haha. Whoops. Still on the search though! Here is what I wore today:

  • White blouse: Ross - $8
  • Navy Blue shorts: Thrift Store (cut and sewn myself)
  • Red belt: Thrift Store - .25
  • Super Scuffed Brown Oxfords: Off Broadway Shoes (Blake Scott) - $55 (eeek. expensive because I got them when they didn't start selling them anywhere. So they're super old!)
  • Gold leaf arm cuff: Charlotte Russe - $6

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