Saturday, May 16, 2015


I remember wearing capris back in elementary, maybe middle school. When I hit high school, I was just like 'ew, capris, why tho'. Fast forward to way later years, here I am wearing a form of these 'middle school capris' called culottes. Another trend I'm giving into, but hey, oh well.
  • White button up: Thrift Store
  • Black/grey culottes: used to be my grandmother's (wow right)
  • Black/gold loafers: Zara
  • Black purse: Thrift store
Photos by: Stephen E. Sherman

5 lovely comments:

Holl JC said... [Reply]

I absolutely love this! Such a simple but stunning and classic outfit! x

Maggie A said... [Reply]

Love it Sharena! :)

Maggie A

Life's a shoe said... [Reply]

such a classic outfit! loving it!


Life's a shoe said... [Reply]

nice outfit! so clasasic!


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