Monday, May 4, 2015

Shorts Time

I can finally shed off all my layers and just keep to one. Winter and fall will be sadly missed because they're my favorite seasons. I am one to prefer the cold over being hot any day. With that being said, spring is actually here, I guess it's a nice change in style from pants to shorts.

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  • Black silk button up: Thrift store
  • Black/White houndstooth shorts: Thrift store
  • Black/gold purse: Thrift Store
  • Black flatform sandals: H&M
Photos by: Silas Vassar III

5 lovely comments:

Samantha Mariko said... [Reply]

loving your natural look here! I'm always a fan of simple, relaxed outfits

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I love this silhouette on you - very chic!


Trey F said... [Reply]

Nice backdrop choice : )

Mary Gui said... [Reply]

cute casual look!

Ana said... [Reply]

amazing b&w short, cool outfit

have a nice day