Thursday, December 26, 2013


Sometimes I forget there's days after Christmas. Like after the 25th, it's straight to January 1. I hope everyone enjoyed their day yesterday!

As for my look, this is probably the comfy-est coat I have because it's that plushy soft like those micro soft blankets. I mean, all of my coats are comfy, but this one just makes me feel like there's a blanky wrapped around me. Haha!

5 lovely comments:

Lyn said... [Reply]

Nice skirt & booties!
And yes, I have the exact same thing : from 25/12 to 01/01 without realizing that there are still days in between like today, the 27th ! xx

IamXcessP said... [Reply]

Nice ensemble

Rhea Gupte said... [Reply]

You look so cozy! Very chic look. Happy Holidays!

Holl JC said... [Reply]

I adore that coat, you look amazing! x

A place called Adelaide said... [Reply]

Looking amazing as per usual. Your shoes are so cute xox