Saturday, March 30, 2013


I went to MTAC today, which stands for middle Tennessee anime convention. Keep in mind that I am no where into anime at all, so when I got there everything was like woah. I figured to go just to see something new and boy I did. Everyone's so carefree and it's a place where you definitely will not get judged. It was interesting none the less.
Afterwards, my friends and I stopped by Pinkberry. It never fails to make my tummy happy!

As for my look, I found this tweed jacket for only .99 cents at the thrift store. I have always liked tweed, but for some reason, I don't have any material of it. Every time I see it on a hanger, I automatically think of old, fancy rich women in England drinking tea so I never bothered to get one. Until now!

  • White top / Tweed jacket: Thrift store
  • Black leather shorts: Target
  • Black wedge boots: Asos
  • Black clutch: Louis Vuitton

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Bo said... [Reply]

Love that jacket!
Following you on Bloglovin' now :)
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xx Bo
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M+K said... [Reply]

This is our favourite look of yours by far!

CanVirRies MTC said... [Reply]

love the tweed jacket and your shoes...gorge <3


paola robiolio bose said... [Reply]

I love this outfit, the jacket is awesome you did a great deal!!

shine star said... [Reply]

Great look! Nice jacket! ;)

Isa Machado said... [Reply]

Loved the look! ;)

racingcourne said... [Reply]

I really like that necklace! Where is it from?
And .99 for a jacket! That's an amazing find!