Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello, March

March is already here and it's still not as warm as I thought it would be. Just the other day, it was snowing all day. As much as I love love fall/winter fashion and layering up, I am looking forward to spring! For my look, I went with the typical black and white with a touch of green.

Also, I decided to do some early spring cleaning. I have so much clothes that there is not enough room in my closet and not only that, but it will not close. Haha! So I thought it would be a good idea to sell some of my clothes to you guys. If any of you are interested, check out my Store Envy!

  • White top / Black shorts: Thrift store
  • Green and black leather sleeved jacket / Tiger belt: eBay
  • Studded boots: Zara
  • White watch: Emporio Armani
  • White purse: Dooney&Bourke

7 lovely comments:

Ester Ramos said... [Reply]

You look stunning as always!

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Connie said... [Reply]

love your white bag!!
im always afraid of buying white bags because they get dirty easily =(

Breakfast at Cindi's said... [Reply]

Cool outfit ! you hair looks beautiful.


Breakfast at Cindi’s

CoastWithMe said... [Reply]

Hey girl! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! You look gorgeous as usual:)! Love this look! You seriously have beautiful hair!

Claudia said... [Reply]

Beautiful outfit darling!!

Millie. said... [Reply]

you look really stunning :*

xoxo_Mary said... [Reply]

i like the jacket and of course this outfit :)