Thursday, March 7, 2013


With having a lot of watches, you tend to wear at least one more than the others. Well, at least I do. I haven't worn my Marc Jacobs watch in a while, so I decided to do so today! I love the fact it has tiny splashes of color. Especially the light blue part. If any of you are into the pretty blue topaz color, you should totally check out My Jewelry Box for beautiful rings! They have all sorts of styles with the blue stone it. It is one of my favorite colors, my room is even painted it.

As for my look, I went with corduroys and a white top. Funny thing is, I was on the bus and a guy next to me just so happened to be wearing the exact same color cords plus a white button up. Haha!

  • White studded button up: diy
  • Burnt orange cords: F21
  • Black leather sleeved jacket / Prada inspired sunnies: eBay
  • Black boots: Zara
  • Black studded clutch: Handmade by me!

9 lovely comments:

Callie said... [Reply]

Love your outfit - you're always so classy! <3 Your sunglasses are epic by the way. =) love em'!


lethitu said... [Reply]

You have amazing style! Now I'm your fan :)

Izaa said... [Reply]

This is amazing look;] said... [Reply]

oh you look absolutly stunning perfect pants and sunglasses!

shine star said... [Reply]

Love your blog! You look amazing :) Great outfit!

paola robiolio bose said... [Reply]

I like this outfit, and the sunglasses are perfect!

India said... [Reply]

Love your watch!

StyleIDnet said... [Reply]

Love all your styles... saw you on Lookbook and Following you now:)
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Beatrice Crivelli said... [Reply]

This look is amazing! I especially like the sunglasses and the coat :) you look great!