Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Newest In...

This past week (or more like couple days), I had a few packages make its way to my home and had to share with you all.

On another note, I am soo close to being done with my exams! Just two more and I will be back on blogging schedule. (-:

  • Simple black mirror watch where the proceeds went to the American Cancer Society. It's for a great cause and the watches are cute!
  • My mom came home, told me to close my eyes, and brought out this awesome gold and black two headed dragon bracelet.
  • When I first saw these boots on Zara, the first thing I thought was: Alexander Wang. He is my absolute favorite designer! These boots totally give off a Wang-esque.
  • I honestly have not used temporary tattoos since I was a little girl and I am excited to start doing it again. Big thank you to Inkwear Tattoos for sending me these cute ones!
  • I have a huge thing for faux leather this season (or just all the time). I first saw this quilted sleeve coat on Zara, but browsed eBay and got it for just $38!
  • As you guys probably noticed, I wear tons of black clothing, so I figure I should change it up with this cobalt blue leather detail coat. Huge thank you to Wendybox for sending it over to me!

2 lovely comments:

Marsa said... [Reply]

can't wait to see some posts with those new buys :)

Marissa Poon said... [Reply]

where did you get the black one? The cheapest one I found is around $42 - (haha I know it's a $4 difference, but I'm cheap :P). Also, love the blue coat. I am a sucker for anything with faux leather parts. Can't wait to see how you wear them :]