Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Green Tea

Aside from shopping on eBay and thrift stores, I tend to take a lot of clothes from my mom's closet. A friend asked me a tough question of: if you could choose one, eBay or your mom's closet, what would you choose? I have no answer for this because it's hard to choose!
I was browsing her closet because she told me to put something up in there. She has so much and some still have tags on them. So I figured to make use of it some of it! A great example would be this Lacoste sweater I found in her closet.

  • (off) white sweater: Lacoste
  • Green tea skirt: eBay - ~$6 (I don't know the seller, but type in "green tea chiffon skirt")
  • Black booties: UrbanOG
  • Gold dragon ear cuff/ankle cuffs/cube ring/puncture ring: eBay
  • Gold turquoise slave bracelet/chevron knuckle rings: My own jewelry!

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