Sunday, August 19, 2012


In my opinion, a casual, comfortable look can also be chic. It doesn't necessarily mean dressing in baggy sweats. When I tell people that my casual look is a button up with denim shorts or black pants, I get those side stares! Looooook, loose button ups are comfy to me AND they're simple.

  • White button up with gold studs: diy/thrift store - .99
  • Pale green shorts: Thrift store - .99
  • Gold belt: eBay
  • Dr. Martens
  • Black spike clutch: I made that!

5 lovely comments:

Monika Kra┼╝ewska said... [Reply]

mmm ! i like it ! :)

Klaudia Polak said... [Reply]

great loook Sharena !

Anna said... [Reply]

For me too these looks are very comfy. I realy feel very comfortable wearing shirts.
p.s.: the clutch is amazing :D good job :)

Michelle said... [Reply]

I always love your looks and you always get such great steals thrifting--super jealous. The people giving you sideways glances don't get it--they're just jealous they don't look as classy ;)

Maggie Adofo said... [Reply]

My casual usually consists of some sort of leggings and top or a mini (stockings if its cold) and a hoodie or top.