Saturday, August 4, 2012

Black, Gold, White

I absolutely love the combination of black, white, and gold. If you haven't noticed, most of my previous looks have been the basic black and white. I am obsessing over this color scheme all over again! Ahh.
As for this look, I decided to wear this button up top again. From when I had to make a garment for class.

(Almond pretzel is my faaaav. Plus a smoothie. ^_^)

  • White button up with gold detail: My own design
  • Two tone black and white leather pants: Bebe
  • Black slingback heels: Zara - $49.99
  • Black spike clutch: I made that too!

10 lovely comments:

Maggie ☮ said... [Reply]

I really love that you are able to make your own things! <3 You look great.

Lise Devos said... [Reply]

Love your style. No words.

xx Happy Sunday! xx

Monika Krażewska said... [Reply]

yes, combination of black, white, and gold is perfect !

Dylan said... [Reply]

Super talented with that top!


Eda. said... [Reply]

Such gorgeous look darling - and that top is fabulous - you're so talented!

Eda ♥

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pj said... [Reply]

a little Micheal Jackson inspired :)


Natalie Kay said... [Reply]

LOVING THIS!! So simple but super super effective! Love your use of monochrome and your DIY's fab! x

Lou said... [Reply]

Lovely outfit! And you hair looks so gorgeous!!

Lou said... [Reply]

Lovely outfit! And your hair is so gorgeous too!!

Katheezy said... [Reply]

This is my FAVORITE look on you :)