Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vegas Trip: Part IV

When I look through these pictures, it just makes me miss Vegas! The common question that was asked was, 'Why are you going to Vegas? What can you even do?' Just like every other place, just ignore the casinos and there's so much shopping and site seeing!

While I was there, I got to see Celine Dion perform. I'm not sure if everyone listens to her, but I absolutely love her voice and to hear it in person was insane.

Okay, the massive amount of pictures!:
 (The purple one was gross.)
 (The Forum Shops' ceiling totally threw me off. It looked real!)
 (My brother thinks he's soo kewl!)
 (The Fashion Show Mall was by far a unique mall because they have runway shows! This was Banana Republic and both the runway and that box thing (where the models are) came up underground.)
 (My sister and I crack up at the thought of  "Celine's Back". My bad, thought it was her front. :p)
 (Caesar asked where I was from. I said Tennessee and his response was, "The only ten I front of me." Haha!)
 (Chandelier inception!)
 (The three story LV. Oh my.)
(This was our hotel window view.)
(New purse I got from Dooney & Bourke!)
As you can tell. Las Vegas has all the major designer names. Ahh. Tennessee (Nashville) has a few, but seeing one right after another was overwhelming.

Have a fantastic Saturday, guys!

5 lovely comments:

Erlia Pang said... [Reply]

Nice picts!
Your holiday seems so fun.

AVY said... [Reply]

She does have a noce voice.


Tanii said... [Reply]

Love your apricot dress! Wow, Las Vegas looks really cool :)

Dale JaneƩ said... [Reply]

OMG, I love these pictures and it's making me totally want to go back to Vegas. You look great, perfect little Vegas dress


Desiree Liew said... [Reply]

love the necklace in the second last picture!