Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vegas Trip: Part II

It was another hot day in Vegas! I decided to wear my cheetah printed dress. Yeah, it's a darker color to wear when walking around, but it really wasn't that bad. It's not a cotton type material, so it felt comfortable!

When walking around the strip, some guy came up to and asked to take a picture and said, "I lyde yo sty!" (I like your style.) He was Asian. Haha!

Even walking in flatted shoes, at the end of the day, my feet still hurt. Imagine walking around in any type of heeled shoes. X_X I'd die!

(You can kind of see the fake Eiffel Tower here!)
(my youngest sister!)
(Ahh. I'm totally obsessed with this dreamy effect!)
  • Cheetah print dress: Zara - $11
  • Gold mirrored belt: eBay
  • Black winged shoes: eBay
  • Black purse: Nine West

7 lovely comments:

Phoenixful said... [Reply]

Love this combination! :-) xx

Fancy Muffin said... [Reply]

Hahahah, "I lyde yo sty!" that too cute! :D
You really got a great deal on that ZARA dress :) Its sooo lovely!the fit is perfect too!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I'm in love with this simple outfit!

Kirsty said... [Reply]

Love these posts on Vegas keep them coming, I am going there in October for my honeymoon and we are staying at Ceasar's palac.

looking gorgeous!


Elena Gallego said... [Reply]

I'm loving your dress!!

cuddie( said... [Reply]

Aww i can see your little sister wanting be just like u.
NICE look!!! Have fun in vegas. What happens there stays there.

Emilyyy. said... [Reply]

Love the dress <3 And...speaking for alot of people i appreciate your video on curling your hair. I'm glad your back on youtube. Could you make a video on this eye makeup you love so much?