Monday, July 9, 2012

The Start

I was looking through old photos and saw how my style has progressed through the years. I started my Lookbook back in 2010, but if you went to my 'first' look, it'll say 2011. I deleted all the looks before it because I got discouraged. Lookbook was so intimidating at first! All I saw were these awesome dressed people with great quality photos. Now, I have over 2k fans and I thank all of you who like my looks! I really do! I get that wide open smile when I get comments, messages, emails, etc. about it!

Here are some looks from the very beginning:
Yeah, yeah I had feathers in my hair. I literally stuck a feather or two into my hair just because I found some at the dollar store. Then a year and a half later, feather hair became the new fad and so I took them out. Haha! I guess my style back then had more Earth tone colors as to now, I wear more girly colors.

Also, I saw The Amazing Spiderman today. Andrew Garfield is a major cutie!

3 lovely comments:

Tesa said... [Reply]

you look adorable!

Helmiina said... [Reply]

You're so pretty!:)

Sheyla said... [Reply]

I totally understand how you felt. When I first started using I also got discouraged - for the same reasons - and eventually erased many of my looks as well.

But one truly learns from those fashionistas as time goes by and I'm glad I joined it because it made me experiment and discover my style even more.

Also there was nothing wrong with the you from back then, in fact, you were still as adorable as you are today.