Thursday, June 21, 2012


I decided to wear my favorite color scheme, yet again. Except this is reversed!
 (This armor ring came in today. Totes new favorite!)
P.S. I recorded a video on the way I curl my hair because a load of you guys have asked me on how! So be ready for a video either tomorrow or the next! ^_^

  • Lace pastel pink top: Ross - $7
  • Light blue shorts: Tommy Hilfiger - From my mother eons ago
  • White wedges: Charlotte Russe - $10.50
  • Gold jeweled necklace: Charming Charlie's
  • Gold armor ring, cube ring, black illusion of poking through my finger ring: eBay

7 lovely comments:

Elena Gallego said... [Reply]

Honestly, you've great style and I admire you so much !!

Tanii said... [Reply]

love this outfit! Your square ring is amazing :)

lepinkbow said... [Reply]

such cute outfit! I love your top and jewelry! (:



Kellylouise said... [Reply]

i love this outfit and your jewellery goes perfectly! can i ask what you search for on ebay to find such jewellery? x

Sharena C. said... [Reply]

@Kellylouise I usually just search for simple phrases like, 'cute rings'. Awesome stuff actually pop up!

NOMNOM said... [Reply]

I just ordered a bunch of jewelry from Ebay, but your post just made want to order more! That black ring is love!

Ana morales said... [Reply]

todos loe anillos son hermosos a qui en mii cuidad no encuentro unos d esos son preciosos y tu look a un mas te sigo desde ya