Sunday, June 17, 2012


I spent all day with my family. It was my cousin's sweeet 16th birthday. I remember when he was younger, he would always refuse hugs from me. Now, he's taller than me and actually talks to me. (,: I enjoy family gatherings very much!

As for today's outfit, I chose to wear one of my many chiffon pleated skirts with this sleeveless button up, which I totally hacked off the sleeves. Haha. I made this collar chain necklace thing a few weeks ago, but have not worn it until now because I took a slight break from button ups.
 (My baby brother!)
 (My cousin just got caaaked!)
 (My 10 year old sister's adorable outfit!)
(Birthday boy!)
(My cousin and I had coordinating outfits)
  • Pink sleeveless top: Thrift store (cut the sleeves) - .99
  • White chiffon pleated skirt: eBay
  • Black winged sandals: eBay
  • Gold snake arm cuff: Flea market - $6
  • Gold collar chain necklace: My own made jewelry!

2 lovely comments:

Candace Wu said... [Reply]

This pink is so perfect!
You are a doll! I love how you DIY all your amazing jewelry!
I will be making a purchase soon !

Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg, your baby brother is too cuties!!!!!! haha :) Love little kids! And your outfit is lovely! That chain necklace you made is amazing! love it!