Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I visited the Bargain Center yesterday afternoon because my sister and her friends wanted me to take them. I didn't intend on buying anything because I don't really have my eye on anything. But then, I came across a pair of Steve Madden shoes for $20, and so I bought them. After buying it and wearing it around the house, I realized maybe there was once laces on it and someone stole them. (my sister's theory) I'm going to add laces to it later because I feel it'll give it a more cleaner look.

  • White top: Urban Outfitters - $10
  • Brown shorts: Thrift store (cut myself) - .99
  • Black loafers: XAppeal - $30
  • Gold buckled black belt: Thrift store - .25
  • Gold square link necklace: Charming Charlie's - $1

6 lovely comments:

Genna said... [Reply]

Yeah I think there must have been laces, try silky type ribbon and tie it in a bow Ive done this with a pair of my brogues.. love it :) and your outfit is as cute as always!

Cathy said... [Reply]

Love that necklace! (:


Diane said... [Reply]

I love your outfits, they are simple and so amazing!!

Dennyse Salinas said... [Reply]

So you live in Tennessee and apparently all the thrift stores over there are awesome! Great looks, and its funny because after seeing your photos on lookbook.nu one thing came to my mind "she has all my dreamed shorts and they are disgustingly cheap!"

Sharena C. said... [Reply]

@Dennyse Salinas Haha! You should definitely check out the thrift stores around your area! I'm sure you'll find something awesome. (:

Marie said... [Reply]

Juste une question à te poser:oú t'acheté ton short??