Friday, April 27, 2012

My original plans fell through. Instead of stopping by the fashion show/expo, my friends and I decided to just hang around downtown for a bit!

(Stop by Fido if you're ever in Nashville! (Belle Vue area actually))
P.S. My package for Motel Rocks came in! Yaay. ^_^
  • Black top: Thrift sore (Charlotte Russe) - .99
  • Pink and gold skirt: Urban Outfitters - $10
  • Flower necklace: Charming Charlie's - $1
  • White blazer: from my aunt
  • Black thick heels: Target (Mossimo) - $30

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Salathiel luc Meledje said... [Reply]

your look is so cute .. as well as your blog, matching, colors and sizes of clothes in the right proportion ... please follow me on my blog hope you like it :)