Friday, March 23, 2012

I finally presented my garment to the class. She told me I should submit it to the fashion show the campus is about to have in April. I hope that means I have an A....Haha. Outfit of the day!:

  • Pink lace top: Ross - $12
  • Black shorts: Guess - $20
  • Black Peep toe heels: Candie's - $21 

4 lovely comments:

Angie said... [Reply]

this is so dolly! i really like your shorts and ross is the greatest! the ruffles and lace on your top are sooo girly <3 i discovered you on chictopia today and just wanted to say hi! :)

it would make me happy if you visited too!
pandaphilia style

FancyMuffin said... [Reply]

Your blouse is lovely! :)

Olivia said... [Reply]

So pretty! I love all of your outfits <3

Sharena C. said... [Reply]

Thanks you guys! (: