Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I feel slightly bohemian ish whenever I braid my hair into a headband type braid. Haha. I hope the weather gets cooler because it's been unbearably hot lately.
What I wore today:

  • Pastel Pink Top: Urban Outfitters - $10
  • Grey shorts (cut myself)
  • Flower belt (Christmas gift from my cousin)
  • Waterfall necklace: I made it!
  • Mary Jane Heels: Ross - $14

2 lovely comments:

modishYou said... [Reply]

Great Style..:) I found you on Lookbook.

Feel free to visit me...maybe we can follow each other...

Olivia said... [Reply]

This is so pretty. I love the belt and the shorts. I can't believe you made that necklace!