Friday, February 24, 2012

After the load in the wash is done, I think I'm going to start on my garment. I'm doing a skirt for a grade and a top (shirt?) for extra credit. And since I'm not a seamstress, I'm going to hot glue the detailed stuff on. :x I hope it all comes out okay!
As for what I wore today...

  • Baby blue button up: Thrift store - .99
  • White blazer (with floral design): from my aunt
  • Gold Buckle boots: Target (Dolce Vita) - $16

3 lovely comments:

Kristin said... [Reply]

I am totally digging your style and your etsy site! Keep up the good work!


Sharena C. said... [Reply]

Awh, thank you!

chic-chickie said... [Reply]

oh gee, found you on Lookbook and you are totally breathtaking! subscribing <3