Saturday, January 16, 2016

Like The Boys

In other words, Comme Des Garçons. Would you believe me when I say I was a total tomboy up until the age of 13? I never wore skirts and dresses; always pants. With my shirt tucked in. No matter how utterly ugly and baggy it looked tucked in, I still did it. No half front tucks here, either. 

I also always wore sneakers...or slides. Both Adidas. The thought of painting my nails or even remotely keeping them nice was too girly for me. And my hair was always in a pony tail.

Just all the characteristics of a tomboy, basically. Now, I wear all the skirts and dresses! And I even don't mind painted nails. In this look, I felt like I went back to my old roots. Trousers, sneakers, hat to cover my never brushed hair. Just a little boyish.

Olive green trousers / Black top: Thrift Store
Navy trench coat: c/o Romwe
Black wide brim hat: F21

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