Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mermaid Parade NYC - Coney Island

The many great things about living in New York are the random festivals and parades that happen anytime of the week. Anything you can think of, there's probably a festival for that. And so here I am! A huge parade for mermaids, mermans, and creatures of that sort that takes place at no other than, Coney Island. Why show up to the parade in normal clothes, when you can dress the part!? I did a little DIY shell bra that (thank goodness) had holes so I could easily slip a ribbon through it and threw on shorts. I topped off the look with a custom head piece and crystal septum nose ring! 

My head piece has wittle baby sea turtles and my septum ring was most definitely inspired by Givenchy. These pieces are not available in my shop, but I can totally do custom orders!

P.S. I recently started up an Instagram account for Enamour Entirety. Please follow for updates on new items, coupons, deals, and other things. :-)
  • DIY shell bra
  • White shorts: Thrifted
  • Gold / turquoise head piece and gold septum nose ring: Enamour Entirety
Also, a short video on my Youtube channel:

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