Thursday, August 28, 2014

New York Trip | Part II

 **Warning: This post is an overload on pictures.**
As I stated in Part One of my New York trip, I went up there to meet with my modeling agency and not anything fashion related. It was actually my first time ever going to NY...alone. So it was definitely overwhelming. I never thought I would ever be making a trip to there non-fashion, but things seem to pan out differently than expected and that's totally okay. 

Nashville will always be home, but now I just might have a home number 2. ;) Watch out, New York, I will be back in December!

Chromeo for Made In America!

3 lovely comments:

Sara Wallflower said... [Reply]

I really like those photos! New York looks so beautiful, I hope I'll get to visit it one day :)

Love,Sara Wallflower

Maggie A said... [Reply]

I always love seeing other people's trip to NY because they always show a side to NY that New Yorkers don't typically appreciate lol.

Maggie A

Anisa Diko said... [Reply]

Beautiful photos thank you for sharing :).