Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thigh Highs

 Whenever I wear thigh highs by themselves, I either feel like a) super kawaii azn b) preppy skool gurl or c) super preppy kawaii azn skool gurl ((combo of both)). I hope neither came off in today's outfit because I was sort of aiming for a more...androgynous feel I suppose. Less girly, that's all.
  • Black striped top: c/o SammyDress
  • Navy shorts: Thrift store
  • Black monk strap boots: TopShop
  • Navy hat: Zara

6 lovely comments:

Lyn said... [Reply]

I really like thigh highs but for some reason I'm 'afraid' of wearing them.. Maybe I should try it!
Thanks for the inspiration :)
xo Lyn

Ankagrzanka. said... [Reply]

i love ur style;)

Zhan na said... [Reply]

so stylish, like you hat! Have a lovely weekend darling! <3 xoxo

Johanna V said... [Reply]

So cute and inspiring look! ♥

Isa Machado said... [Reply]

Amazing hat dear! ;)

Tic-Tac Living

Jessica @ Here&Now said... [Reply]

I love the description for what you feel like when you rock thigh highs - this look is nothing but chic!

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