Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vegas Trip | Part V

Every time I took my blog pictures, I always had an audience watching me or someone else coming up and taking my picture as well. At first I thought of it as awkward, but I just keep reminding myself that I was never going to see those people again. Plus, people were taking pictures everywhere!
On this nice Vegas day, I switched to some checkered shorts and paired it with this leather crop top from Romwe. I couldn't stay away from the black and white.
  • Black leather crop top: c/o Romwe
  • Black and white checkered shorts: Thrift store (similiar)
  • Black and gold sandals: Topshop
  • Black clutch: Louis Vuitton
  • Black and clear watch: Swatch

16 lovely comments:

Nisha Looks said... [Reply]

Just came across your blog, it is soo great...and I love the sunglasses!!

Marta Martínez Hurtado said... [Reply]

I love the crop top! Your style is so pretty :) Thanks for your comment!

Mary Gui said... [Reply]

love your leather top and shorts, you look so chic! i love your style, totally following you now. thanks for visiting my blog!

Oksana said... [Reply]

Very trendy look, dear:)
Great pictures!!!

Thanks for checking out my blog, if you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

Ira Kharchenko said... [Reply]

Great outfit! I love the top:)

Tijana J. Dominguez said... [Reply]

Same here! :D I guess it's just normal ;)
Great look! :)

Lyn said... [Reply]

Love your leather top! And haha, people taking pics of you must be pretty awkward! xx

True said... [Reply]

OMG this must be the best outfit i've seen on blogs today! How about followin eachother? xxx

Life's a shoe said... [Reply]

nice outfit! really loving your shorts and also really loving all the vegas photos! wish i could go!

Petra Weimann said... [Reply]

Wow...your look is so cool!!!

Kati said... [Reply]

Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
You are so gorgeous and your outfit so absolutely cool! There's nothing better than a good crop top. Also loving your hair!

Have the best day ever,

chocolatefashioncoffee said... [Reply]

just love the bustier! :)

Kat said... [Reply]

wow you look absolutely amazing! i love your shorts!! so chic :D

cardiac said... [Reply]

So hot :D

Jasmina P said... [Reply]

Only one word: beautiful! :)

christen said... [Reply]

cute! love that bustier!