Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dripping in Gold

Classes officially ended today. All I have left is three more finals and I am done! Since I will be having a lot of free time in the summer, I was thinking on doing youtube videos. What do you guys think!?

As for my look, I am wearing this gold metallic pastel skirt from Oasap that I am kind of obsessing over. I love, love the gold on it. And look at me, I'm not wearing black (except the backs of my shoes). That's a first in a while!

  • Light blue top: Thrift store

  • Gold and pastel flower skirt: c/o Oasap

  • Black and white heels: Zara

  • White clutch: Calvin Klein

  • 22 lovely comments:

    Daniela K said... [Reply]

    omg love that skirt!
    thanks for your comment :) we can follow each other if you want and pinky promise i'll follow you back

    Callie said... [Reply]

    Cute outfit and your hair is amazing!!

    InesMrs.Venus said... [Reply]

    Sharena, you are looking divine. You resemble my daughter and I show her your posts, cause you both have a similar style.
    Love, Ines

    Adelajda said... [Reply]

    skirt is so cute!

    Madame HaseHase said... [Reply]

    honey! thanks so much for the visit and the comment! well, thats an outfit! the skirt is really hot!!! nice blog you have here, let's stay in touch! love & cheers, tones. <3

    Frivolezze Provinciali said... [Reply]

    such a cute look!!

    ♥ Margherita ♥

    Frivolezze Provinciali


    Lita said... [Reply]

    Such a cute outfit! I adore your skirt!

    Carter A said... [Reply]

    the layout and the way you take your photos inspire me for my own blog!
    love it.


    Isa Machado said... [Reply]

    Fantastic look girl! Love your skirt! ;)

    Life's a shoe said... [Reply]

    you look fabulous! I really love your outfit, the skirt is SO gorgeous!

    Dharia Lézin said... [Reply]

    Hi! I found you in Chicisimo and I absolutely love your style!! I also have a fashion blog with many readers from all over the world and I would like to upload at least one picture of each country that reads me, one of them is The States, of course! I have been there many times and I LOVE your Country! So I was wondering If I could use your pictures there :) Here is the link in case you wanna check it. I hope you say yes as many girls have done already. Would be really cool!

    GingerGirl said... [Reply]

    Thank you so much for your comment!! I'm so glad that you liked my outfit! :) I've just published a new post, don't miss it! and there's much more and better to come, so if you want to stay tunned to my new updates, just follow me! ;)

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

    Gita said... [Reply]

    I love this from head to toe - every detail is so perfect! And that ear piece - awesome.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog & have a nice weekend :)!


    christen said... [Reply]

    gorgeous! love your hair too!


    Giada Graziano said... [Reply]

    love your look :)



    GagCloud said... [Reply]

    You look awesome :)

    Sandra Martinez said... [Reply]

    Hi beautiful!! Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it like always :)
    Btw you look so stunning, that outfit is so stylish on you :) Im fall in love with your skirt!!
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    Marianna Papagiannopoulou said... [Reply]

    Wow, this skirt is really amazing!!
    I love it!!

    Barbara de Robles said... [Reply]

    Thanks for your comment, darling! :) Great post here! i loved your blog, following you now!

    I have a new post with a New York's outfit!


    shine star said... [Reply]

    Great look ;)?
    You are so beautiful dear!

    Justine Daniels said... [Reply]

    Words cannot describe how obsessed I am with your skirt!

    Kateryna said... [Reply]

    I love this outfit!
    & thank you for your comment on my blog! ♥

    With love,