Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Dungarees

As the weather progresses to get warmer, I feel the need to bring out my overalls. They are so easy to style just because it covers a huge mass of the body. This time, I decided to pair it with a crop top that I simply just cut and sewn from the thrift store. And viola! Crop topped that sucker.

Pairing jewelry may seem hard with dungarees, but just add a necklace and you'll be iight. A statement one is good. I can browse eBay for hours looking for new pieces. Although that is kind of time consuming, there is this site that sells cool body jewelry and other stuff. Check them out!

Also, recently I got featured in Global Fashion Flare Magazine. So exciting! You guys should check out the first issue.

Magazine feature:
  • Grayish / Blueish dungarees: Thrift store
  • White crop top: diy (thirft store)
  • White strap heels: Shoemint
  • White clutch: Calvin Klein
  • Gold square necklace: Charming Charlie's
P.S. Don't forget to enter in the Enamour Entirety Giveaway!

4 lovely comments:

LOSAWAY said... [Reply]

you look amazing, love the outfit


Sandra Martinez said... [Reply]

Hi honey!! I've just found your blog and I love it!!
This post is so original and cool, i like it very much :) Lovely photos, you have an amazing style!!
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issa chou said... [Reply]

super cool look, adore those kitten heels!


Bunny Golightly said... [Reply]

I like the design of your blog- so fresh! I love overalls too. I just bought my first, black with white polkadots. Can't wait to wear it ♡