Friday, February 22, 2013


Don't you just love to find items in your closet where you forgot you had it, so it feels like a new item again? I totally forgot I had these shorts! So I decided to bring them back out since the weather was actually feeling nice.

  • White / cream top: Thrift store
  • Brown shorts: Urban Outfitters
  • Black acrylic heel: Nordstrom (Tildon)
  • Black clutch: Calvin Klein
  • Black and blue leather sleeved jacket: Zara

4 lovely comments:

Joana Santos said... [Reply]

Amazing look, and i love so much the boots! :P


Catarina said... [Reply]

Thank you! You look so amazing! :) x

Andre Morson said... [Reply]

Very hot look. Love the tights.

Dawn Abbott said... [Reply]

really lovely and cool fashion impressive...
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