Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fashion of a Guy - I

With the new year here, I decided to start a little segment to my blog entitled, "Fashion of a Guy". Yep, like "Fashion of a Novice", but insert guy. Haha. I will post this little number maybe once or twice a month (possibly more on how I am feeling and the feedback I get back from you guys!) I have a few male friends with great style and I think it should be shown to the world (or internet blog world) that some men in Tennessee do not necessarily dress in muddy cowboy boots, hunting camo, or wrangler jeans.

The first of my friends I will be showing you is JR. He actually let me choose his look and do his hair! It was all fun.

3 lovely comments:

Jonnessa said... [Reply]

That's one classy and stylish outfit. Love it. :)

Miriam Pérez said... [Reply]

great look!!! love your scarf.

Maja said... [Reply]

This is a great, fancy combination !
Your friend is very stylish :)

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