Saturday, December 8, 2012


You can never have too many coats. I recently received this awesome cobalt blue coat from Wendybox. I really like it's gold hardware and the color. Most of my coats are black so this blue is a nice change.

Also, I received some temporary tattoos from Inkwear Tattoos! I have not used fake tattoos since I was little. Plus, I am way too scared to have a needle scrape my skin with ink and be permanent. I'm afraid I might get tired of it or regret it a few months. So I guess I will stick to temporary ones!

  • Blue and black leather detail coat: c/o Wendybox
  • Gold and black baroque pants: JCPenny's
  • Black boots: Zara
  • Black clutch: Calvin Klein
  • Peacock tattoo: c/o Inkwear
  • Black skull bracelet: From my mom who surprised me with yet, another awesome bracelet

10 lovely comments:

Melinda said... [Reply]

Love that coat- cobalt blue is my new fave color! I have a vintage coat in that same color :D

Beatrice Anne said... [Reply]

Lovely pictures you got! And I want that coat too!

just followed your blog =))

livlovelaugh said... [Reply]

i like your outfit and tattoos!


Mira said... [Reply]

You look so rad!!! Love everything. Esp the bracelet and your fantastic ring. I really want to know where you got it from!!!



Marika said... [Reply]

OMG you're so pretty dear!!! Love the electric blue coat!

AnnTan said... [Reply]

i followed you on gfc! that pants is really cool girl!!!
hope you follow me back too


Nice coat!!!
you are pretty!!

Olga Zgonnik said... [Reply]

love your gorgeous style! amazing blog

want to follow each other? :) just let me know

Laura said... [Reply]

This is gorgeous, I love your pants so so much!!

Marsa said... [Reply]

your style is amazing as usual but what mascara do you use??? your eyes are always so bold! i'm so jealous!